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You need to be able to concentrate on managing and developing your business, doing what you are best at. It is therefore important to have someone you can rely on to help with tax, national insurance, VAT and bookkeeping matters.

We will deal with HM Revenue & Customs on your behalf, relieving you of the burden. We will ensure that you comply with tax and accounting rules. More importantly, we can assist you to minimise your tax bill and keep more of the money that you have worked so hard to earn.

Our experienced staff can help with self-assessment tax returns, forms P11d, tax repayment claims and income tax statements of account. We can also compile quarterly VAT returns for your business and advice on ways to reduce the amount payable.

Using the very latest software we undertake weekly, monthly and quarterly bookkeeping work - a service which is tailored to the exact requirements, and budget, of each client. This allows us to produce detailed management accounts and financial reports quickly and easily.

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Raising Finance


Wages and Employees

Most businesses need money in order to get started. Later, funds will be required to allow the business to grow and fulfill its potential. Typically you will have used bank overdraft and loan facilities but it is difficult for a new and growing business to raise additional finance without putting up personal assets as collateral. Even then, security alone is not enough - your bank will also want clear evidence that the business will be able to make the necessary repayments.

We can help you to provide that evidence by preparing monthly or quarterly management accounts and helping you to compile detailed business plans, financial budgets and cash flow forecasts. Additionally, through our network of close professional contacts we can assist you to obtain other forms of finance, including:

- Hire purchase and personal loans
- Sales invoice factoring and discounting
- Leasing and contract hire

- Venture capital and private investment

Raising finance for a business is not easy, but there are many different approaches that can be tried. Lyons Leonidou, Chartered Accountants North London, UK can help you to find the money that you need and ensure that it is provided in a form which is suitable and cost-effective for your circumstances.

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The proprietor of any small business will tell you that life is simple until the day when you take on your first employee, for it is then that you find out what "red-tape" really means. You become an unpaid tax collector and may even be fined for accidentally getting it wrong or sending forms in late.

Actually, dealing with employee payroll should not be particularly difficult. HM Revenue & Customs provide each employer with comprehensive manuals, flowcharts, help-cards, tax tables, free pay tables, national insurance tables and a stack of forms ready for completion and submission.

The problem is that, quite rightly, most business people do not have the time or the inclination to wade through all of the paperwork given to them. Nor do they have the time to perform all the necessary calculations and complete all the legal forms simply to be able to pay the weekly wages.

We will be pleased to relieve you of the burden. You can get on with running your business in the knowledge that experienced professionals are making sure that the payroll is calculated properly and that your business complies with the law. Lyons Leonidou, Chartered Accountants North London, UK will deal with HM Revenue & Customs on your behalf and make sure that all forms are completed accurately and submitted by the due date.

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Limited Companies  


Software and Systems  

The proprietors of many small businesses choose to operate as a limited company, for practical, legal and tax planning reasons. We have many such clients.

All companies must have a Company Secretary who will deal with legal and reporting issues arising from the Companies Acts, which govern how a company is run. Most business people will appoint themselves as Company Secretary but do not have the time or technical knowledge to fulfill the legal requirements. That is not a problem, since we can deal with all of this work for you.

Our services include:

- Company Formation
- Completion and submission of statutory forms
- Maintenance of statutory registers
- Dealing with appointment and resignation of officers
- Assistance with annual returns
- Drafting shareholder agreements

Lyons Leonidou, Chartered Accountants North London, UK can also offer our address as your registered office and can act as nominee Company Secretary on your behalf.


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You may decide that keeping your business records manually is not for you. If so, it is vital that you choose the most appropriate computer accounting package for the precise requirements of your business. There are many products on the market and each has its own areas of excellence and mediocrity. The key is to ensure that your chosen software is strong in the areas which are most important to you.

Lyons Leonidou, Chartered Accountants North London, UK can assist you to find the best solution at the most competitive price. Since we have seen many different combinations of business and accountancy software, we will have a clear understanding of which package will be suitable for your business. Our detailed working knowledge and experience covers:

- QuickBooks
- Sage Line 50
- Sage Instant Accounting

If you would like to discuss the needs of your business with us, please contact Lyons Leonidus, North London.